Routine is the Enemy!

You probably know someone who runs a lot. Day in and day out, this person runs mostly the same distance at the same speed. Do you ever notice a change in her physique? Not likely. That’s because her body has become very good at doing this one thing. Her body fat won’t decrease; her strength … Continue reading

You are responsible for your health.

It seems obvious, but too many people miss that point. Years of inactivity, poor eating habits, smoking and over-consumption of alcohol take a devastating toll on the body. We know this. We see others suffer the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. And yet we continue in our own bad habits. We’ve come to rely on … Continue reading

Greg’s View: Why Do I Workout So Hard?

People ask me this question a lot. It doesn’t seem to matter where I am, whether it’s at a hotel gym or here at Premier Martial Arts, it’s the same all the time. “Wow you really give it” they say. My answer? It makes me harder to kill! I have been in the martial arts … Continue reading

Can You Identify This?

You should be able to identify what you are eating from the ingredient list – not the picture on the box. What is this?