Food for Thought

If a food comes out of a box it’s processed.

Even worse, if after opening the box you still have to rip open a cellophane wrapper. If you have to open a plastic pouch and then peel off cellophane it’s processed. Think of those bright orange cheese slices or those “fruit” snacks shaped like cartoon versions of strawberries. If it looks like a strawberry maybe it tastes like a strawberry…

You should just eat the strawberry. The real one. That’s unprocessed, natural food.

Organic cereal is still processed food. The same goes for granola bars and protein powders. If you’ve traded your morning bowl of Lucky Charms for high-fibre organic cereal then that’s a good change. Switched the 3pm chocolate bar for a granola bar? That’s ok as well. Keep in mind that processed food, regardless of the organic label, should make up a small portion of your overall healthy diet.

Food is best in its natural form. Oatmeal trumps boxed cereal. Making your own granola bars are better than any bought in a store.

Yes some processing is necessary, but for the most part, the less packaging a food requires the better it is for you.


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