You are responsible for your health.

It seems obvious, but too many people miss that point. Years of inactivity, poor eating habits, smoking and over-consumption of alcohol take a devastating toll on the body. We know this. We see others suffer the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. And yet we continue in our own bad habits.

We’ve come to rely on our ailing healthcare system to solve our self-inflicted health problems. Doctors either don’t have the time or don’t want to ask where the patient’s responsibility lies. Instead they pay lip service to lifestyle change while handing over a list of medications.

Our healthcare system does not know how to keep you well. It isn’t even doing a good job of helping you when you are diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease. You need to minimize your reliance on a system that does not care about your health.

It’s time to reclaim your health.

Pay attention to what you eat. Ask yourself if this meal is moving you toward health or disease. Move your body every day. Walk, lift weights, dance, play tag with the kids. Embrace your health and you will be rewarded with vitality.


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