Injuries Don’t Have To Happen

If there is one criticism of CrossFit it’s the seemingly high rate of injuries.  Any athletic endeavor can be fraught with injuries.  Here is how you can avoid injury. 1. Learn proper technique. There is an earlier blog post you can scroll down to that expands on this point. Practice proper technique before adding weight. … Continue reading

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

You’ve got a big fitness goal. Maybe it’s to lose 100 pounds. Maybe you’re training for a marathon.  On the long road to that big goal it may seem that the only thing worth celebrating is the final accomplishment. Imagine losing weight, dropping pant size after pant size and not celebrating each new milestone. That’s … Continue reading

A Revolutionary Way to Eat Healthier

Preparing your own food is the best way to eat healthier. Forget the crap that comes out of a cardboard box or, worse still, the “food” handed to you through your car window. I’m talking about cooking at home. Yes, I said cooking. That means dusting off the pots and pans and learning how to … Continue reading

Recovery – The Post Workout Variety

Sore muscles are a CrossFit reality. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing it for three months or three years. Newbies often ask when they’ll stop hurting. Our reply: “Never!” Muscle soreness can sometimes set in even before the wod is over. Other times it takes a day or two. You know when you have … Continue reading