Skip Meals, Gain Weight

If you’re struggling to lose ten, twenty or more pounds it could be because you’re skipping meals.

Many people mistakenly think that skipping meals is a way to lose weight. It isn’t! Here’s a totally unscientific explanation of what happens when your body goes into starvation mode.

Your body holds on to fat for dear life. Fat is calorie dense and doesn’t take much effort to store. Your body will pack it on your hips, your thighs, your back and your belly. It isn’t a pretty picture.

Muscle isn’t calorie dense, but takes too much effort to maintain so your body eats it. Essentially your body cannibalizes itself. You lose body-fat burning, bone density saving muscle mass. Now we’re getting ugly.

Increased body fat, decreased muscle mass combined with skipping meals means your metabolism is shot. Those last ten pounds are sticking to your thighs like glue.

Think of your metabolism as a coal-fired power plant. It provides the energy you need to breathe, blink, and update your Facebook status. It needs fuel to run. That fuel is food in frequent intervals. When you skip meals your metabolism slows. A slow metabolism means your body will take what few calories it gets and store most as fat.

In order to get your metabolism chugging along at full speed you need to eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a couple of snacks… you get the idea. If you’ve been a habitual meal skipper this change will be hard. Stick with it! You’ll begin to lose weight and have more energy.




One Response to “Skip Meals, Gain Weight”
  1. mick e. says:

    Good facts on skipping on meals, thanks. Diet, exercise and rest definately go together, but really you need to figure out how many calories your burning compared to how many your eating. I have found some good free calculators for BMI, BMR, LBM, and Calories Burned at
    So, Calculate how many calories you have burned during the day and adjust your food intake to be less calories to lose weight or more calories to gain weight. Sounds simple, but actually doing it is the hard part 🙂

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