Form Follows Load!

Master the technique and the load will follow. It is so tempting when you’re new to CrossFit to rush into the big skills. They look so cool. Indeed a clean and jerk done properly is beautiful to watch. Same goes for the snatch. Even a one rep max of deadlift can inspire awe.

These athletes have spent hours mastering the most basic elements of each lift. Time focused on the small details of a lift – the flat back of the deadlift, the shrug of a clean, and the proper depth of the squat – translates into efficient movement. When your movement is efficient the load will follow.

Learn the progressions of each lift. Practice them regularly. When the progressions of each lift are fluid add load. Even when you master the lift go back to the progressions as a warm up prior to lifting.

CrossFit is a journey. Have patience as you learn each new skill. Take pride in your newfound skill. Doing a picture perfect deadlift with a 15lb bar is better than a crappy one done at 115lbs.


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