Celebrate Your Accomplishments

You’ve got a big fitness goal. Maybe it’s to lose 100 pounds. Maybe you’re training for a marathon.  On the long road to that big goal it may seem that the only thing worth celebrating is the final accomplishment.

Imagine losing weight, dropping pant size after pant size and not celebrating each new milestone. That’s a lonely trip.

It’s important to acknowledge the small successes. This is what keeps you moving toward your big goal.  Keep a workout journal and highlight your mini accomplishments. Did you run 20K training for your first marathon? Acknowledge the accomplishment and set a new goal.

Several months ago I inured my hamstring. I haven’t been able to do burpees or heavy deadlifts for a long time. The other day I completed 50 burpees in an agonizingly slow 6:29. I posted my time at the top of the whiteboard at our gym. I know that everyone else will crush my time, but I don’t care. I am proud of that small achievement.

You are going to achieve your big fitness goal. Then what? Find another, of course. It doesn’t matter what the goal is as long as you celebrate the mini accomplishments along the way.

Those little milestones are what make the journey that is fitness such a great trip.


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