Mental Toughness – Forged by CrossFit

Sometimes you just dread going to the gym. You see the workout posted on the website and you know it’s going to hurt. It’s probably going to be the toughest thing you do all day. That’s the reality most of us face in our comfortable lives. We follow the same routine day in and day … Continue reading

Don’t Believe The Hype

A couple of nights ago there was an “info” session at a local community centre about the latest supplement trend. The slick ad campaign going around talks about a 90-day challenge and guaranteed weight loss success with all sorts of prizes to be won. Sounds cool. Too bad the weight loss is only temporary. Furthermore, … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Greek Yogurts

Greek yogurt is one of the best types of yogurt you can eat. The real stuff is high in protein and made with minimal ingredients. Traditionally Greek yogurt is higher in fat, but it also comes in fat-free varieties. The trendiness of Greek yogurt has not escaped the notice of food manufacturers. There are many … Continue reading

Inspiration or Desperation: Your Catalyst For Change

There are two universal factors that motivate people to go to the gym: inspiration and desperation. Which one applies to you? Inspiration is a blissful state of possibility. It doesn’t matter what motivates you – a wedding, a vacation, your kids – you’ve accepted that the road ahead is not easy. You’re willing to struggle … Continue reading