Why a Side-Effect Free Weight Loss Pill Would Never Work

If I offered you a pill that would give you the physique of your dreams with no side effects would you take it? All you’ve got to do is take one pill three times a day with an eight once glass of water at eight in the morning, noon and four in the afternoon for the rest of your life. Easy enough right?

Here’s the thing: Less than 50% of you will take the pill strictly as prescribed.  In the pharmaceutical and medical world this is called medication compliance. According to research published in the Journal of Applied Research in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics 50 to 70% of people on prescribed medication do not take it properly. Noncompliance rates are higher in people with chronic disease like heart disease or diabetes.

From a personal trainer’s perspective  I know that some of my clients will follow less than half of my lifestyle recommendations. That’s why small changes are easier to implement and maintain. If I can encourage a non-breakfast eating client to drink a homemade smoothie on the way to work then I can build on that small change. The next step may be to swap empty calorie snacks for nutrient dense alternatives. Long term success is built on small changes.

A healthy lifestyle allows some room for noncompliance. There are going to be parties, illness, busy work schedules, and vacations. That’s life. Your goal when you start on the journey toward a healthy lifestyle is to make little, sustainable changes.  Before you know it you’ll be getting the diet and exercise thing right most of the time.


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