Respect the Objective of the Workout

A good CrossFit coach plans workouts with a specific objective in mind. In a strength biased workout it may be one maximal lift. In this case your goal is to go as heavy as you can with proper technique. A monostructural workout like running or rowing for distance is designed to tax the cardio-respiratory system while building stamina and endurance.

It is important to pay extra attention when a workout is posted with a specific load. A 400M run combined with five deadlifts will call for a heavier load. The objective of this type of workout is to train your body to lift while fatigued, learn breath control and stimulate the nervous system to react quickly to new demands.

Conversely a dynamic effort workout using the squat will call for 50 to 60% of your one rep max. This is a much lighter load. The goal of a dynamic effort workout isn’t to lift a lot; rather it is to perform the exercise quickly over the course of many reps so as to fatigue the muscle. The objective here is to build muscular endurance like the type needed to transition efficiently from the bike to a run in a triathlon.

Disregarding the load specifications defeats the purpose of the workout. Loading 80% of your one rep max in a workout that requires only 50% will likely result in you not being able to complete the entire workout. Your ego may benefit, but your workout sucks.


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