Inspiration or Desperation: Your Catalyst For Change

There are two universal factors that motivate people to go to the gym: inspiration and desperation. Which one applies to you?

Inspiration is a blissful state of possibility. It doesn’t matter what motivates you – a wedding, a vacation, your kids – you’ve accepted that the road ahead is not easy. You’re willing to struggle through your first sets of deadlifts because you know it will make you stronger.

Sometimes your motivation starts to waver. Inspiration can start to lose its rosy glow. This is when you have to dig deep. Remind yourself why you started on this journey in the first place.

Desperation is a bad place. Fear and hopelessness about your health makes a trip to the gym just another dose of something nasty. Popping a pill is easier than doing push ups. Swapping a salad for your beloved Big Mac is torture.

The ultimatum handed down from your doctor or spouse can be a source of frustration.  Reclaiming your health is not a futile mission. Forget the weight loss goals and focus on the small steps you can take today – right now – to rediscover your vitality.

In the words of Sir Edmund Hillary: “I think it’s much better to start out on something that you’re not at all sure that you can do. If you overcome and you manage to defeat the obstacles, the satisfaction is so much greater.”


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