Respect the Objective of the Workout

A good CrossFit coach plans workouts with a specific objective in mind. In a strength biased workout it may be one maximal lift. In this case your goal is to go as heavy as you can with proper technique. A monostructural workout like running or rowing for distance is designed to tax the cardio-respiratory system … Continue reading

Snooze to Lose

Sleep is as important to weight loss as diet and exercise. Tonight as you tuck in for an extra hour of sleep consider this: According to a 16 year study of nearly 70,000 middle-aged women presented at the 2006 American Thoracic Society International Conference those who slept five hours were 32% more likely to gain … Continue reading

Why a Side-Effect Free Weight Loss Pill Would Never Work

If I offered you a pill that would give you the physique of your dreams with no side effects would you take it? All you’ve got to do is take one pill three times a day with an eight once glass of water at eight in the morning, noon and four in the afternoon for … Continue reading