My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is just a few short hours away. If you’re like me you’ll be making a few resolutions. Here are mine: 1. Eat McDonald’s every day! 2. Invest in a “comfort height” toilet so I don’t have to squat down so far. 3. In a nod to healthy habits I’m going to drink … Continue reading

Food Is A Celebration

Like you needed to be reminded what with all the parties and dinners you’ve been going to. We are a food-obsessed society. We’re always trying to eat clean, paleo or zone. We’re reading labels, counting calories and measuring out portions. Sometimes we forget that food is an integral part of our culture. Food does more … Continue reading

I call bulls#$%…

This is a guest post by Greg Segui. Being a gym/martial arts school owner is a lot like being a bar tender: You get to hear a lot of “glory day” stories. Some of these stories you want to scream “I call bullshit.” Like this one from a guy who thinks Zumba is a great … Continue reading

I’m not going to have time to work out today.

Many of my members and clients use the “no time” excuse which given how many hours we waste in front of a TV or computer monitor, isn’t much of an excuse. I hate using the “no time” excuse. Usually I can find an hour to get a workout in. After all I do own a … Continue reading