I’m not going to have time to work out today.

Many of my members and clients use the “no time” excuse which given how many hours we waste in front of a TV or computer monitor, isn’t much of an excuse. I hate using the “no time” excuse.

Usually I can find an hour to get a workout in. After all I do own a gym. It should be easy, right?

Here’s how my day is going to play out:

Normally I have my workout done and over with before the first member even walks through my door. Not happening today. I’m using this time to take care of some necessary business administration work while the gym is empty.

Then it’s back to back clients and then a much needed massage therapy appointment.

I have a few hours off in the afternoon but that time is filled with household chores that never seem to end.

When I return to work later this afternoon it’ll be to see more clients and teach a class. If I’m lucky and my husband is available to coach people in the gym I might be able to squeeze a workout in at 7pm. That’s 12 hours from now.

It’s just going to be one of those days.


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