I call bulls#$%…

This is a guest post by Greg Segui.

Being a gym/martial arts school owner is a lot like being a bar tender: You get to hear a lot of “glory day” stories.

Some of these stories you want to scream “I call bullshit.”

Like this one from a guy who thinks Zumba is a great workout. He said to me the other day, “I used to be able to shoulder press three plates on each side.”

Three 5 lbs plates? Nope, three 45lbs. This coming from a guy who can’t even do a proper push-up. True story! I guess I must look like an idiot because I know what heavy weight feels like. I’m 138lbs and deadlift 325lbs. Putting that kind of load overhead in a strict shoulder press is next to impossible. But what do I know.

Feigning admiration I asked if he could still do it.

“Oh, I’m not in that kind of shape now. Give me a couple of months then I could do it.” Yeah right.

While we’re in a bullshit mode I used to be able to juggle five balls in one hand with a finger up my nose, standing on one leg while whistling the theme from the Andy Griffith show. But I can’t do it now because I forgot how the tune goes.

Give me a couple of months to practice.



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