New Year’s Resolutions Busted!

It’s the first day of the new year and the resolutions posted yesterday have been broken. It started with number six. Oatmeal pancakes and eggs were just the beginning of the end for me. Next came the realization that McDonald’s wasn’t open today. Finally when the dog wouldn’t go for the treadmill I gave up and took her outside myself.

Many people make lofty goals to eat healthier and exercise more. The problem is the goals are too ambitious and vague. Losing weight and taking charge of your health are important goals, but ones that require baby steps to ensure success.

Little changes yield big results. Start with small but manageable changes like eating a healthy breakfast, trading one can of pop for a glass of water or walking for five minutes. When you’ve got the whole breakfast thing down move on to healthy snacks. Five minutes of walking becomes six and then seven. Before the month is over you’re walking for half an hour.

If you feel the need to jumpstart your adventures in healthy living consider a kitchen and closet clean up. Purging unhealthy food and ill-fitting clothes is a great way to get going. Click on the link below for some tips.

Kitchen and Closet Clean Up

All the best to you this year!



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