GPP! Say What?

Are you down with GPP?

Say what?

GPP isn’t some MMA star or the latest fat-burning supplement.  We’re talking general physical preparedness. That GPP.

So what does that mean to the hockey dad or the high school English teacher? What does GPP have to do with trucking the kids to dance or shovelling the driveway? Everything!

You need to be physically prepared to handle anything in life. That means being able to shovel snow without struggle, pick your son’s overloaded school bag off the floor or wrestle a muddy dog into the tub.

GPP also means being prepared for those sudden “oh shit” moments in life. We’re talking about moments like when your toddler runs into traffic or the elevator breaks and you have to haul your groceries up four storeys.

Think about GPP the next time you pick up a bag of dog food. Are arm curls going to help you lift that 20K bag? Not a chance! What about the next time you’re late for the bus? Is an hour a day on the recumbent bike going to help you sprint to the bus while carrying a heavy book bag? No way!

Life is constantly varied and your fitness program should be to. Perhaps this is where our CrossFit bias rears its ugly head. Police officers, fire fighters and paramedics have embraced CrossFit because the constantly varied programming mimics the varied circumstances of their jobs.

It also mimics the circumstances in your life.  Performing heavy deadlifts makes picking up that 20K bag of dog food easy. Doing workouts like “Kelly” that combine running with wall balls and box jumps means you won’t break a sweat running to the bus.

That’s why you need to be down with GPP.


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