The Paleo Chronicles – There’s Cauliflower in My Pizza Crust

I was so pumped when my husband said he wanted to make pizza this past weekend. “Finally a non-paleo meal,” I thought. This was going to be so good! And then he showed me the recipe. Cauliflower in the crust? Oh the things these paleo people will come up with. I consider myself something of a … Continue reading

Wanna Feel Like A Superhero?

Guest post by Greg Segui Wanna Feel Like A Superhero? Remember reading comic books when you were a kid? Maybe you still do today. Who was your favorite hero? Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Wolverine? There are so many. They were all muscular dudes. Even the women were beautifully muscular. Were they born like that? I remember … Continue reading

Quitting Is Easy

It’s black belt testing again here in our world. Three years of hard work and dedication come down to a ninety-minute exam. It is a stressful time for students, parents, and instructors. It is also a time when kids are most likely to quit. The expectations at black belt are high. Students are a few weeks or … Continue reading

CrossFit is Kind of Like Whiskey…

Do you remember your first taste of whiskey?  Remember the sharp burn at the back of your throat followed by the radiating warmth and smooth, smoky finish. Maybe you loved it right away and wanted more. Or perhaps you didn’t like the initial burn but appreciated the warmth and flavour. Or maybe you’re a Bud … Continue reading