The Paleo Diet Chronicles – The Early Days

My husband and I have been taking our first tentative steps into the land of the Paleo diet. We’d been very clean eaters prior to this little adventure. We ate little sugar, kept the questionable additives and preservatives to a minimum and eschewed low fat in favour of the real thing. The driving force behind this change isn’t about sports performance; it’s about allergies.

Seasonal allergies have plagued my husband since he was a teen. This season he wanted to see if a switch to a paleo diet would have any impact on his allergies. One month into allergy season and so far he’s feeling great.

Of course the whole transition to paleo hasn’t been smooth. One night early on I told my husband that I couldn’t do it and that paleo was too restrictive. And then it occurred to me. The foods my husband was cutting from his diet I never ate anyway. I never ate cereal or granola bars. Bread would go stale before we were through half the loaf. We ate pasta and couscous occasionally. Our dairy consumption pre-paleo amounted to one serving of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese a day, protein shakes with milk a few times per week and the odd sprinkling of cheese on eggs.

Prior to the switch to a more paleo diet our biggest indulgence was home-made oatmeal pancakes. We ate them most mornings with our eggs and bacon. I’ll admit I miss them. We’re going to have to come up with ways to make breakfast a little more interesting. Eggs, bacon and broccoli can get a little boring after the third week.

We haven’t gone strict paleo. Neither of us is lactose intolerant and eat little dairy anyway that we’ve decided to keep it in our diet. We also indulge in the occasional bowl of oatmeal. Our next challenge will be to find paleo substitutes for these carb-heavy comfort foods.

One month into paleo and we’re eating more veggies, nuts and seeds than ever before. We’re feeling great, sleeping well and recovering well from hard CrossFit workouts. Our paleo experiment is a work in progress.

We’ll keep you posted.


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