CrossFit is Kind of Like Whiskey…

Do you remember your first taste of whiskey?  Remember the sharp burn at the back of your throat followed by the radiating warmth and smooth, smoky finish. Maybe you loved it right away and wanted more. Or perhaps you didn’t like the initial burn but appreciated the warmth and flavour. Or maybe you’re a Bud Light with Lime kind of person.

CrossFit is the same way.

Some people love the burn from the start. They thrive on punishing workouts. They’re the ones who look forward to Fran or Fight Gone Bad. They’re pushing the limit of their bodies each and every time they come to the gym.

There are those people who aren’t so fond of the burn of CrossFit but appreciate the post-workout afterglow. The workout of the day is both mentally and physically challenging. For them CrossFit is an exercise in mental toughness.

And then there’s the Bud Light with Lime people. These people like CrossFit when it suits them. They don’t like the burn of Grace and lack the mental toughness to blast through Murph. Instead they prefer to string together a few easy exercises in a circuit and call it “CrossFit-style.”

This is where CrossFit can be polarizing. The people who love CrossFit swap war stories of missed box jumps and deadlift PR’s. They come to the gym each day ready to leave everything in a puddle of sweat. It doesn’t matter if they’re a beginner or an experienced athlete. They live and breathe CrossFit with cult-like devotion.

The others run screaming from the Temple of Pukie at the mere mention of burpees. They don’t like to be pushed to a new fitness level. Instead they prefer to stay in their world of easy, comfortable routines.

They’d rather knock back a Bud Light with Lime while the rest of us are shooting the good stuff.



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