Quitting Is Easy

It’s black belt testing again here in our world. Three years of hard work and dedication come down to a ninety-minute exam. It is a stressful time for students, parents, and instructors.

It is also a time when kids are most likely to quit. The expectations at black belt are high. Students are a few weeks or months away from completing this most monumental of accomplishments and yet they cannot follow through.

Once a child has it in his or her head to quit it’s done. From a parent’s perspective it’s sometimes easier to give in than to keep fighting. Quitting is the path of least resistance. It sets a dangerous precedent, one that is difficult to overcome.

Allowing a child to quit teaches him or her that it’s okay essentially to wimp out when things get tough. Striving for excellence is too great a challenge. Mediocrity becomes the acceptable standard.

Life is full of challenges. The black belt represents a fairly small one. Earning a black belt develops mental toughness. It teaches problem solving and perseverance. These are lessons best learned through experience.

Quitting is a cop-out. Perseverance takes guts.


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