“Cherry Picking Your Workouts”

This week’s workout challenge is tough. So much so that it has caused anxiety, panic and even tears for some of our members. Yup, we made someone cry. There is no mercy here.

Some people look at the whiteboard and say, “Screw it, I’m not doing it.”  Greg calls it “cherry picking your workouts.” It’s all about going for the workouts that play to your strengths and forgoing the ones that challenge your weaknesses. Oh wait you don’t have any weaknesses.

According to Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, ignoring your weaknesses is a recipe for failure. We all have weaknesses. Lots of them.

This week’s challenge highlights many of our members’ limitations. The intention isn’t to humiliate or discourage our members. The goal is first to challenge your fitness. The second is to expose weaknesses so that they eventually become strengths.

There is a lot of stuff happening in this workout. Five rounds of 400 meter run followed by 30 thrusters at 65lbs for men and 45lbs for women. This workout exposes weaknesses in every athlete regardless of fitness level. Let’s list them.

First it’s a long one. Right there we’re talking endurance. If intense workouts lasting longer than 10 minutes aren’t your thing you’re in trouble. Second the run is short so it taxes your legs even before you hit the thruster. Third there is a complicated strength element. If you are inefficient with the thruster you will suffer. Finally it’s a high volume workout. By the fourth round you’re going to want to quit. You need to muster some mental toughness to get through.

A workout that exposes your weaknesses is the most beneficial. It doesn’t matter that you scaled it or that your time was the slowest.  Finishing a workout like this is a tremendous accomplishment. It won’t kill you, it’ll just make you stronger.


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