The Paleo Chronicles – Greg Made Me Do It!

It all started with Pinterest. One evening while scrolling over dozens of food pictures I came across something that looked absolutely divine. “I’m going to show you something that’s going to rock your world,” I told my husband.  I showed him the recipe. “Oh, we have all the ingredients! You could make that tomorrow,” he said.

Cinnamon roll cake entered our lives six months ago. All it took was one taste of that delicious cake for it to become our favorite. Of course this was long before the whole paleo thing. Sometimes paleo can take the fun out of food.

The old boy turned 41 this week and being the loving wife that I am I made his much loved dessert. It is his birthday after all.

I’ll admit I enjoy a little bit of something sweet in my diet. It’s the 80/20 rule in action. Since starting this whole paleo thing cinnamon roll cake has been absent from the dessert rotation. We’ve had some success with paleo desserts. Greg made an excellent paleo chocolate zucchini loaf last week. That was a little slice of heaven. 

Cinnamon roll cake is nothing more than flour, white sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar and butter – lots of it. Butter is paleo, right? The cinnamon roll cake recipe does not translate well to paleo. Something that sinful isn’t supposed to. Even if I were brilliant at this paleo cooking thing I would not attempt to recreate this paleo-style. Remember the cauliflower pizza crust?

Food is a fundamental part of celebrations. We honor so many milestones by coming together for a meal. When we stress about what we are going to eat on these occasions we miss out on the joy of the moment. A balanced approach to treats is essential for the lifelong success of any diet.

There’s one last piece of cinnamon roll cake in the fridge and I’m going to enjoy every last bite.


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