PR’s Just Kinda Happen

I finally got my pistol squats today. I wasn’t planning on it. Didn’t have it set as a goal to be achieved by a certain date.  They just kind of happened.

I’d been practicing pistols every once in a while for a few months. First it was to a 12” box and then to an 8” box. Then it was the right leg unassisted. Today I was finally able to do pistols on my left leg without the assistance of a box or support. They aren’t pretty, but they are getting better.

There are two ways to achieve PR’s. You can set a specific goal and create a plan to achieve your objective. This is ideal for those single-minded types who absolutely need to have a goal. For those of us who lack the attention span to handle specific goals this only leads to frustration. Sometimes random is better. With all the varied skills that CrossFit has to offer it’s a lot more fun to practice a bit of everything.

That’s how the pistols came to be in my world. First they were programmed as a skill to work on. Then they showed up in a workout or two. Finally, on days when my legs weren’t too beat up I’d throw them in just for a bit of variety. Today that haphazard approach yielded results.

I’m not sure what my next PR is going to be.  I kind of like the surprise when it happens though.


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