Top Ten Beginner’s CrossFit Tips

1. Start slow. It isn’t about how fast or how much you lift in the early days.  2. Technique before load! If you can’t perform a squat with your hips below parallel do not load up a barbell and try for a one rep max.  3. Follow the progressions. There is a method to achieve … Continue reading

Consistency is Everything

Your success in any endeavor is dependant on one thing – consistency. This is true whether you want to lose weight or master the muscle up. You need to perform some kind of small, but specific action toward your goal each and every day. Let’s talk about consistency as it applies to diet. Huge, sweeping … Continue reading

Thousands of Titles, Millions Spent and We’re Still Fat!

There are a lot of diet books on the market. A recent search on Amazon resulted in over 36, 000 titles. More than 500 of those titles were released in the last 30 days. There is every possible trend to be explored in the world of diet books. From paleo to high carb to raw … Continue reading