Consistency is Everything

Your success in any endeavor is dependant on one thing – consistency. This is true whether you want to lose weight or master the muscle up. You need to perform some kind of small, but specific action toward your goal each and every day.

Let’s talk about consistency as it applies to diet. Huge, sweeping diet changes are not the way to successful weight loss. Better results come with small changes.  Here are some tips:

  •  Start with one meal. If dinner is too chaotic don’t start with that one. Pick an easy meal to meal like a snack to change instead. Using breakfast as an example, make it your goal to eat a healthy breakfast every day.
  • Get in the habit of meal planning. It is easier to stay on track with healthy eating when you plan for the entire week. When you are just starting out focus on your one meal, like breakfast, and plan for an entire week of healthy breakfasts. Next week plan healthy snacks in addition to your breakfast. In the following week you’ll plan healthy lunches as well as healthy snacks and breakfasts. Finally you’ll tackle the monster that is dinner. By then you’ll be a pro at meal planning.
  • Make one switch. Trading your spaghetti for spaghetti squash may be too much of a change. Try simpler swaps instead. Swap a granola bar for an apple. Trade your pop for water.
  • Slowly reduce your sugar intake. Sugar is highly addictive and cutting it out cold will backfire. You can start reducing your sugar intake by trading a sugary snack for a healthy alternative like fruit. Try weaning yourself off the double dose of sugar in your coffee. Over the course of a few weeks your taste buds will adapt and you will not crave sugar as much.

Start with these easy tips and build on them one meal at a time. When you give yourself a few months to adapt to healthier eating habits you will be successful.

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