Top Ten Beginner’s CrossFit Tips

Rope climbs are challenging. Follow the progressions and you will get to the top!

1. Start slow. It isn’t about how fast or how much you lift in the early days. 

2. Technique before load! If you can’t perform a squat with your hips below parallel do not load up a barbell and try for a one rep max. 

3. Follow the progressions. There is a method to achieve any movement in CrossFit. Work each progression and build on that. 

4. Expect sore muscles. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve done CrossFit, sore muscles are part of the deal.

5. Expect to feel clumsy with certain movements. Pistol squats, kipping pull ups and handstands are awkward in the beginning – even for elite athletes. Give it time.

6. Eat well. Your diet is the key to your success. If your diet sucks CrossFit will suck.

7. Scale the workout! Leave your ego at the door and work within your capabilities.

8. Keep a workout journal. Write your workout down, track your loads, time, rounds and reps. Progress is more than a number on the scale. It’s a load on the barbell too.

9. Rest and recovery is essential. Take a day off between hard workouts, invest in a foam roller and see a massage therapist. A rested body performs better than a tired one.

10.  Connect with the community. CrossFit is a big family. We celebrate our accomplishments no matter how big or small together. We encourage each other to be the best person we can be. Embrace that and you will be successful.


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