Eating Vegetables Is Weird!

Defending Your Right To Love Broccoli You’re sitting in the staff room eating lunch. Leftovers always taste better the next day and so you’ve planned a week’s worth of lunches. Today’s lunch consists of pork chops, roasted Brussels sprouts and mashed cauliflower. Your co-worker sits down beside you with her lunch of fat-free deli meat … Continue reading

Scaling Workouts – Not Just For Beginners

The mantra of CrossFit is that all workouts are infinitely scalable. There is a misconception that this means making the workout easier. It isn’t. Scaling a workout is about preserving the intensity without risking injury. There is no way a beginner should do “Murph” as required; however running 400M and doing five rounds of five … Continue reading

Selfies, Salads and the Revival of a Blog

It’s been a long time. Too long. “Dear Internet, it has been 169 days since my last blog post.” That’s a cyberspace eternity. In my defense there has been a bit of stuff going on in my life. I’ve been pushing to finish my Holistic Nutritionist course in the two year time limit. And then … Continue reading