Nutrition Coaching

Real Food. Real Life. Real Results.
 Our nutrition coaching follows a very simple philosophy: proper nutrition must be an enjoyable, sustainable, lifelong habit.
Real Food
There’s nothing worse than a “diet plan” that has food you hate eating. Our plans do not rely on expensive protein powders or meal replacement supplements. With our approach you eat healthy food you actually like.
Real Life
We know that life get busy. Healthy eating must fit neatly into work and family demands. That’s why we work together to plan strategies to overcome hectic schedules, picky eaters and Aunt Lorna’s peach pie.
Real Results
Dramatic weight losses are for the Biggest Loser. The reality is far less impressive. A weight loss goal of a pound or two a week is realistic. Sometimes no weight loss is realistic too. Our goal is to slowly move your diet from one that is deleterious to your health to one that is both nutritious and enjoyable.

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